The New York Times is not giving up on biscuit obsession

By Ars Technic staffThe New York State Legislature has passed a bill to make it legal to sell biscuits at the state capitol.

Introduced by Democratic state Rep. John Fasano, SB 1140 would create a new “Biscuit Licensing and Taxation Bureau” to enforce the law.

The bureau would be able to collect licenses for businesses to sell or rent up to 10,000 pounds of biscuits per month.

The bill says the bureau will be staffed with three full-time employees.

“The goal of this bureau is to ensure that businesses in the state of New York comply with the law,” Fasano said in a statement.

“Barcode stickers on food items are not enough.”

Fasano said he introduced the bill in response to the proliferation of biscuit vending machines throughout the country, and a similar bill that passed in Vermont last year.

In both states, the laws were blocked by the courts.

Fasano is one of four Republicans in the New York House of Representatives.

The other three are Rep. Daniel Drezner (D), Rep. Richard Lassiter (D) and Rep. Mark Pocan (D).

The state’s largest city, New York City, has a history of banning biscuits in the city, and there have been reports of the practice at the Capitol.

The bills would go into effect in March.

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