What the Hobnob Biscuit says about the NRL season…

The Hobnob biscuits are a pretty big deal for Hobart.

The biscuit maker’s latest batch of 200 million Hobobie biscuits has been on sale since November 11, and it’s already been gobbled up by the masses.

“It’s been a big hit.

The people that bought them are saying it’s good for their health,” Hobart City’s health and safety director Ian Hough said.”

They love it, and they love to go to the cafe, and the other side of the street and the street to the coffee shop, and I think they’ll come back to us again because they’re so happy with the Hobobies.”

We’ve got a lot of people saying it works for them, they love it.

“Hough says the Hobbobs have helped the city recover from its first Ebola outbreak in 18 months.”

Hobbits are our best friends.

They have a sense of humour,” he said.

The city has been working with local cafe owners to distribute Hobobiam biscuits at their cafes.

The Hobbibes are also being distributed to other locations in the city.”

There are many places that have taken it, because people are coming back here, and we are happy that we have got Hobobians around,” Mr Hough added.”

The city of Hobart is now a hub for people, it’s been fantastic, but we are still getting people into other areas to try it.

“But it’s a great thing to do, and a great way to boost the economy.”

The Hobnob biscuits are a lot like any other biscuit.

They are made from wheat, sugar and cinnamon.

They are a bit different to other biscuits, however, because they contain a different type of fibre and sugar called lactose.

“I love the difference, I love the taste of the Hobby, I just love the smell,” Ms Hough laughed.

“People come in and they’re just amazed, they’re amazed by how it tastes, they think it’s better than regular biscuits.”

So that’s the reason why we’re having so much success, because we’ve made a really big difference in people’s lives.

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