Which McDonald’s sausage is the best?

As we near the end of our week, let’s try and find out which one of these McDonald’s sandwiches is the most delicious.

If you’re thinking of making your own, here’s our guide.

The burger is usually a bit on the pricey side, with some of the other options being a lot more expensive than this one.

(CBC)We’re not really sure what to call this one, as it looks like it could be either a “McDonald’s Bacon”, or a “Cheddar Mac and Cheese”.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the name.

Some say it’s a typo, while others think it’s actually a reference to a “Mac and Cheese” hamburger.

The one we think is the better choice is the one above.

The name is definitely a reference, but the taste is definitely the better option.

It’s a real treat, and one we recommend ordering.

You can get it for $1.99.

The bacon comes from a local meat processor, so it’s not quite the best quality, but it’s definitely worth a try.

You’ll also need a big frying pan, which will be a good size, and maybe even a bowl of ketchup.

The macaroni is probably the best part, and is made with chicken and bacon, which is pretty tasty, as well as eggs, cheese and bacon.

The price is definitely on the higher side, but if you’re hungry after your burger, it’s worth a shot.

There’s also a variety of sauces on the menu, which you can order with the burger, as a side, or as a main dish.

And finally, we have our favorite: the bacon biscuit.

The combination of the crispy bacon and a crispy sweet sausage biscuity is a great combination, and the biscuit is so good that it’s often served on top of your burgers, which makes it even better.

We think this one is worth the price, but there are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

First of all, this is a fast-food burger, and you’ll need to wait for a good long time to eat it.

Second of all?

The name suggests that you’re going to get your money’s worth.

The crispy bacon may be the best in the world, but we think it needs to be cooked a little longer.

And the crispy sausage biscuits might not taste as good as the bacon ones, but they’re still good, and definitely worth the wait.

The thing is, the bacon has a bit of a crunch to it, and so it might take a little bit of time to heat it up, especially if you have a big grill.

So, it could take you a little while to get the bacon ready to eat, and if you really don’t like your bacon, there are other options out there to get it done quicker.

If that’s the case, you can always opt for the Mac and cheese instead.

The Mac and the cheese is a more traditional cheeseburger, which means that it has a higher fat content, but is much more filling.

The toppings are often made from scratch, and it’s usually very simple.

The difference between the two is that the Mac is a bit sweeter and creamier, while the cheese has a more earthy flavor.

If your taste buds are on the softer side, this might be a better choice, but then again, the cheeseburgers are usually much sweeter than the mac and cheese.

It will also be hard to tell the difference between these two if you don’t eat it very often.

We’re not sure how the two would taste if you ate them daily, but considering how much the price goes up when you eat a fast food burger, you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice to not eat one.

If it’s still your thing, you might even be able to find a good-quality version in your local grocery store, if you live in the city.

If not, you should be able get a lot out of your own backyard if you can afford to.

It’ll be tough to beat a Mac and a Cheese, but at least you won’t be eating it in the middle of the night.

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