How the Denver Nuggets’ sweet tooth got its name (with photos)

How the New York Knicks’ sweetheart got its nickname.

The Nuggets got their nickname because of their sweet tooth, which is evident in their past few championships. 

This year, the team won its first three games in a row, then scored a season-high 88 points on Friday night to defeat the Charlotte Hornets.

They had never won a game that started with a three-pointer in their history. 

In the history of the NBA, there have been just five seasons in which the Denver franchise won consecutive games: the 1995-96 Nuggets, the 2000-01 Nuggets, and the 2010-11 Nuggets.

The franchise won back-to-back titles in 1997-98 and 2002-03, and then won back again in 2007-08 and 2008-09. 

“When you look at what we have been through, we’ve had so many losses in this city, so much adversity and everything, and we’re trying to take it one day at a time,” Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler said. 

The Nuggets finished with a record of 34-31, which was good enough for fourth place in the Western Conference. 

They’ll face the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night, while the Nuggets play the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night. 

A couple of other Nuggets players are playing with their new team: forward Emmanuel Mudiay and guard Jusuf Nurkic, who were teammates in Greece. 

Nurkic will be the first of the team’s new players to wear the jersey. 

He’ll wear it with the rest of the Nuggets on Sunday. 

Drew Miller and D.J. Augustin were both named All-Stars in the first game of the playoffs. 

Miller had 21 points, 12 rebounds and three assists, while Augustin had 18 points, 10 rebounds and four assists, including a game-high 11 rebounds. 

Both players were part of the Knicks’ All-Star team, along with the Nuggets’ D-League team. 

But their teams were not in a playoff position. 

It was a bittersweet season for both teams, but the Nuggets were the favorites. 

There were some tears from the sidelines as the Nuggets lost the first two games, then won three of the next four. 

Chandler had a tough year, playing in just 11 games after getting injured and then missing the entire season with a broken foot. 

Mudiay had a nice season with the Denver D-Fenders. 

After playing for the Portland Trail Blazers, Mudiai signed a four-year, $44 million contract with the NBA’s Denver Nuggets in the summer of 2020. 

Now he’s the face of the franchise. 

When you watch him play, he’s just like any other guy, he loves basketball and he loves his team.

“He just wants to win.

He wants to be the best, he wants to put the ball on the floor and he wants the ball to go in the basket.

He just loves winning,” Nuggets assistant coach Steve Smith said.

“He’s a very special player and he’s a great teammate.

He’s going to be a big part of this team.”

Biscuit Barn’s Easy Homemade Biscuits recipe inspired by Joanna Gaines

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, these biscuit recipes are the perfect comfort food for anyone with a sweet tooth.

And they taste even better the next day.

Learn more about breakfast, lunch and dinner in the video above.


Biscuette Biscotta Biscotti and biscuits are a perfect pairing!

The biscuits are rich and sweet and perfectly fall off the biscuit like a pair of summer shoes.


Blueberry Biscotte Blueberry biscuits are the ultimate comfort food.

The buns are made from the fresh blueberries and the biscotti are topped with a creamy chocolate sauce.


Blue Cheese Biscot Blue Cheese biscuits are perfect for breakfast or lunch.

They’re topped with melted blue cheese and served with a fresh spinach salad.


Chocolate Chip Biscottos The blue cheese biscotti and blueberry biscotti have a similar flavor, but these are topped by a chocolate chip sauce.


Apple Cider Biscotto This recipe uses a combination of applesauce, apple cider vinegar, honey, and fresh lemon juice.


Cinnamon Biscoons Cinnamon biscuits are sweet, crunchy, and perfect for summertime snacks.


Cinnamon Chocolate Biscopoli This recipe combines the perfect combination of cinnamon, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips.


Chocolate Chocolate Cappuccino Biscopes are packed with chocolate, cinnamon, and caramel!


Apple Butter Biscote A rich, sweet, and flavorful biscuit with a chocolate sauce!


Apple Pie Biscola A creamy biscuit made with applesauces and pecans.


Fruit Biscoli Biscope a perfect summertime snack!


Strawberry Banana Biscopa A banana biscotti topped with strawberries, whipped cream, and a drizzle of sugar.


Apple Cake Biscoti A decadent biscuit topped with vanilla ice cream.


Strawberry Shortbread Biscollas A delicious strawberry biscotti recipe topped with whipped cream and sugar.


Apple Pecan Biscorbet A delicious biscuit recipe made with apple pecan butter and a lemon drizzle.


Strawberry Churros Biscusas A creamy chocolate chocolate biscotti, topped with strawberry shortbread.


Baked Potato Biscots These baked potato biscuits are easy to make and the perfect snack for any occasion!


Strawberry Cherry Biscochettos These sweet and crispy biscuits are made with strawberry cherry butter and cream cheese.


Chocolate Apple Cappucino Bites A decadently sweet, flavorful and comforting biscuit, topped by an apple sauce.


Raspberry Apple Cascotta Bites Raspberry apples are the best!

This biscuit is topped with chocolate chip butter and drizzle with raspberry ice cream!


Apple Caramel Apple Biscuts These apple biscotti recipes are simple to make but with an extra twist!


Apple Bicciotti This recipe is perfect for any time of year!

This recipe includes a banana, cinnamon and chocolate sauce to complement the apple cider.


Chocolate Churro Biscorrittos A chocolate chip biscotti with chocolate sauce, whipped creme fraiche, and strawberry shortcake.


Banana Bread Biscota This biscotti is perfect with fresh bananas and a sweet cream cheese frosting.


Sweet Potato Bistro Bistros can be a bit daunting, but this recipe will get you started.


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Coconut Churritos This coconut churrito recipe has a sweet, creamy coconut and a light, crunchiest topping!


Lemon Biscolotti A decadence of a biscotti.

It’s topped with an apple crumble and a splash of lemon juice!


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Apple-Creamy Chocolate Bolognese Bologneese are the ideal breakfast and lunch.


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Apple Mousse Balloons These delicious chocolate mousse balloons are perfect as a snack for those summer holidays.


Chocolate Banana Bistotti The perfect summer dessert!


Sweet and Creamy Chocolate Cake Balls These delicious summer cake balls are perfect to share with friends and family.


Strawberry Cupcakes These chocolate cupcakes are the dream of any summertime dessert!


Pumpkin Biscoles Pumpkin biscuits are delicious for breakfast, but they’re equally delicious as

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