Biscuit Monster, Alamo biscet company fined for not selling enough of its biscuits

The company of the biscuit giant Alamo biscuits has been fined €30,000 for not complying with the Food Safety Directive (FSD) for failing to sell enough biscuits to the public. 

BiscuitMonster, which is based in Ireland, was fined by the National Food Authority (NFA) for a series of breaches of FSD rules.

The fines are a result of a number of breaches in which the company sold biscuits in excess of the permitted quantity and did not notify customers of the breach. 

“Biscuits that are not consumed are more likely to be harmful to health,” said NFA Vice President Paul Murphy.

“This is a major breach of the FSD, which requires that all manufacturers and suppliers comply with this directive.” 

The company, which produces its own biscuits, was ordered to pay €7,500 and has until the end of June to comply. 

In July, the NFA was criticised for failing its duty of care to all its biscuit suppliers.

The agency said it had taken steps to improve compliance with the directive, but there was still a long way to go. 

More to come.

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