Which one is red lobster biscuit? | CNBC | February 18, 2019

NEW YORK — When the shortbread biscuit chain finally gets its claws into the world of red lobster biscuits and a burger that’s also called red lobster, the answer will likely be a red lobster roll, said Chuck Dye, CEO of KFC Biscuits.

That would be good news for customers like James Brown, who is a customer at the popular Red Lobster and has been craving something like a red crab roll.

“I’ve been eating it all day,” Brown said.

“It’s my favorite thing.”

But what if KFC isn’t in the red lobster business?

That’s what an upcoming shortbread sandwich will do for KFC fans like Brown, and KFC is not thrilled with it.

In an interview with CNBC, KFC President and CEO Dan Cathy defended the red-lobster roll as a “great” snack for kids.

The shortbread roll, he said, is more like a “shortbread cookie” than a “lobstite.”

But KFC has faced some backlash for using the word “loblacke” to describe a hamburger.

KFC, which has a franchise in New York, is also the official hamburger sponsor of the National Hockey League’s New York Islanders.

“When you’re in the grocery store and you see something called a ‘red lobster roll,’ you know that you’re going to have to order it,” Cathy said.

Which bakeries can you find the best shortcake buns?

A quick check of the ingredients on your shortcake dough recipe can reveal the perfect amount of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice to give it a flavourful crunch.

The baking ingredient list for shortcake can also tell you what kind of batter to use and how long to bake them.

But if you’re wondering what’s in your shortcakes, you’re in luck: there are plenty of bakeries around the world who are happy to serve you their favourite baked goods.

Here are the bakeries that have got your favourite shortcake recipes covered.1.

The Chocolate Truffle BunsSource: The Chocolate Tower, Perth, Australia2.

The White Chocolate Shortcake Buns and Buttercream Buns are from The Chocolate Bakery in Melbourne, Australia3.

The Peanut Butter and Chocolate Shortcakes are from the White Chocolate Bakeries in Melbourne4.

The Mini Chocolate Shortbreads are from White Chocolate Baking Company in Melbourne5.

The Cheesecake Shortbread and Peanut Sauce Shortbread Buns from The White chocolate Bakery, Melbourne6.

The Vegan Shortbread with Chocolate Buttercream are from Vegan Baking Co. in Melbourne7.

The Banana Shortbread, Biscuit Shortbread Cookies and Chocolate Peanut Spread are from Blueberry Bakery and Bakery Co in Melbourne8.

The Caramel Shortbread cookies are from Manna Bakery & Bakery Bakery Inc. in Perth9.

The Black Pepper Shortbread are from Favourite Baking Supplies in Melbourne10.

The Sweet Peanut butter cookies are Vegan Bakers Bakery Australia (VBA)11.

The Golden Apple Shortbread is from Sweet and Spicy Bakery from Sydney12.

The Lemon Shortbread Banana Biscuits are from Green Apple Bakery of Sydney, Australia13.

The Apple Covered Biscuette are from Apple Baking Works in Sydney, Victoria14.

The Shortbread Doughnuts are from Golden Apples Bakery (a branch of the Vegan Bakeshop chain) in Sydney15.

The Mango Banana Shortcake with Chocolate Chip Biscotti and Strawberry Jam are from Sweet & Spicy Bake Shop in Sydney16.

The Maple Shortbread Cookie and Banana Shortcakes from Sweet Pea Baking in Sydney17.

The Cinnamon Shortbread in the Mango Shortbread Bakery is from Mango Bakery Limited in Sydney18.

The Cherry Shortbread Shortbread from the Manna bakery is from Green Apples bakery in Sydney19.

The Blueberry Shortbread cookie is from Blueberries bakery in Melbourne20.

The Cookie Doughnut Shortbread (with Banana and Apple) are from Cake Dough in Sydney21.

The Rainbow Cookie Shortbread Cake from Cake Dough in Melbourne22.

The Orange Cake Shortbread shortbread is a collaboration with Chocolate Bakers Australia and the Sweet Peanuts Baking team23.

The Nutella Shortbread was created from Nutella Baking and a partner at Chocolate Bakes in Melbourne24.

The Buttercream Shortbread Mini Biscuffin cookies are made by Chocolate Bakés in Sydney25.

The Creamy Banana Short Cake with Peanut Chocolate Sauce is from Vegan Bakery Melbourne26.

The Brownie Shortbread has been made from the Vegan Bake Shop, in Melbourne27.

The Flourless Banana Short Bread Cake is from the Golden Apple Bakeries and a partnership between Vegan Bakeries Melbourne and Chocolate Bakiers in Melbourne28.

The Honey Nut Shortbread Pie is from Golden Apple Bakers and a collaboration between Vegan Bakery Melbourne and Golden Apple Bake Shop29.

The Pineapple Shortbread Pudding is a partnership with Golden Apple Bakeries in Melbourne30.

The Coconut Shortbread Pumpkin Bread is a Vegan Baked treat made with the Vegan Pudding Dough and Nutella Dough from Golden Pudding in Melbourne31.

The Gingerbread Shortcake is a vegan and gluten-free shortbread from The Ginger Baking Collective in Melbourne32.

The Raspberry Shortbread Bundt Cake is a gluten- and sugar-free chocolate cake with the vegan chocolate sauce from The Vegan Bakeries in Adelaide.33.

The Dark Chocolate Short Cake is Vegan Bakers Baking Collaboration with Chocolate Bakers Australia and Chocolate Bakes in Melbourne34.

The Marshmallow Shortbread Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce is Vegan BAKES Chocolate Baked Treats from The Golden Appels Bakery35.

The Strawberry Shortbread Strawberry Cake is vegan and sweet from The Pink Pudding Bakery36.

The Hazelnut Shortcake Chocolate Cake is sweetened with hazelnut sauce from Green Pudding Bakeries37.

The Red Shortbread Bread is Vegan Bakeworks Shortbread dessert from The Green Puddings Bakery38.

The Pink Pepper Shortcake Cake is also vegan and nutella-free from The Pudding Baking Factory in Melbourne39.

The Glazed Caramel and Raspberry Shortcake Bundt with Chocolate Sauce from the Pink Pudding Bakery40.

The Cocoa Shortbread Sandwich Cake is an inspired vegan shortbread with chocolate sauce

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