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Boasting a taste for classic biscuits and gravy, the internet has been buzzing about this delicious, cheesy, and comforting biscuit gravy from Portland, Oregon.

With its warm flavors, this recipe makes an excellent accompaniment to fried chicken and is a perfect snack or treat for those times you want a hearty treat but still want something more hearty than just biscuits and butter. 

Bacon and eggs from the Midwest: The Bacon and Eggs from the West article The Bacon & Eggs from Portland (Portlandia) is an American family restaurant located in the heart of downtown Portland.

Located at 9th and Market, this family-owned restaurant is the oldest restaurant in the city and is the first in Portland to offer the Bacon & eggs breakfast menu.

The bacon-wrapped eggs are made from scratch and serve as an alternative to eggs that come out of the factory.

This is an incredibly easy, healthy breakfast, which is good because they have some very good bacon on the menu as well.

They also have an array of homemade desserts like the Bacon Biscuits and Biscuit Pudding.

Bacon & eggs from Seattle: The Baked Bacon & Egg from Seattle’s Bacon Kitchen (The Eater) is one of Seattle’s newest restaurants.

They opened their doors in late January of 2018.

This restaurant is located on Broadway and Pike near the Seattle Center mall.

They offer a variety of sandwiches, baked goods, and breakfast items, and their bacon is sourced from a family-run restaurant in Oregon.

What is your favorite breakfast?

Do you love the bacon and eggs?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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